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    Steven Kuhn

    What could be more interesting than a decorated combat veteran who turns failing businesses into success across Europe and the USA, and has been hand-picked to consult some of the most influential people in the world? Someone who has been a bodyguard for rockstars, ran international organizations for celebrities, managed musicians, and sports personalities. If this sounds impressive, it is.

    Meet Steven Eugene Kuhn, he believes in creating his own reality and teaches this all over the globe. Embracing transformation and change results in what he calls “time travel” because it speeds up the time it would have taken you to achieve your goals, reach your dreams and find your true calling and purpose. Steven is a no nonsense thought leader who created the H.I.T. Methods (Honest, Integrity & Transparency) through which he guides his clients to develop influence and wield that influence to create opportunities for earnings and personal growth. A close up and personal journey is ensured on any of the journeys offered.

    Lane Belone

    What would you call a guy that climbs mountains like Kilimanjaro, road trips across the entire United States and moves all the way to Central America because he wants to? All that within the first year after getting out of the military, impressed? What about spending most of his adult life as an elite Green Beret, traveling to dozens of countries on 6 continents and explored the Arctic on snow machine.

    Meet Lane Belone, his philosophy is to live with authenticity and genuine curiosity in life. Experiment in life until you stumble across the most important moment of your life, meeting your true self for the first time. Lane uses travel and experience as a tool of transformation, along with his premier program, Ignite Your Authentic Alpha, where he helps his clients extract their greatness already within. By living authentically and becoming your best self, how could you not feel great? Allow travel to be the pivotal activity for growth.

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