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Travel in its truest sense of the word, is exploration. Exploring a new place, experiencing something new. Every time you explore a new place, you are traveling.

Travel has the unique attribute of striping you of all the familiarity in your life. You don't have the comforts of your home, your friends, sometimes even the language is unfamiliar to you. All that is left is YOU. Your thoughts, feelings and what makes you happy. The new things you encounter while traveling will expose these raw attributes about yourself. How you react is entirely up to you.

What Happened To Me

While I was in the military, I had to move around to different duty stations every couple years. I didn't know it at the time, but each move gave me the opportunity to change my myself slightly. Each new duty station I would encounter people who didn't know me. So of course had to introduce myself and get to know them.

My first duty station was located in Germany. I was exposed to new languages, foods and people. I loved it. This experience also lead to something internal. I wanted to be more outgoing, funny and interesting.

Growing up, I was an ultra shy growing up and wasn't outgoing. It wasn't until I got to know you really well for my personality to come out. After Germany, I would continue to better myself with each new experience. Didn't matter if it was just a weekend trip, or moving to another duty station.

As I traveled, I realized the things I naturally focused on. The things that made me happy and fulfilled. I just tried to keep doing the things that made me happy. It never would have happened if I never left the comforts of my bubble.

I went from a shy boy growing up in a small town to world traveler and helping people overcome their obstacles. I reinvented myself. I accomplished this with travel and a whole bunch of help from people.

Because many people helped me, I want to give back and help others. The selfish activity of wanting to be better, eventually turned out to be a good thing, so I can take what I know and use that to help others. Anyways, enough about

What Will Happen to You

Your truest self is exposed while traveling. Welcome the rawness, because that will lead you to where you need to go. When traveling, let your instinct guide you. Wander with your sense of smell. Explore with your curiosity.

When you see something that interests you, walk towards it for closer inspection. Ask yourself, "Why is this interesting to me?" Then ask yourself "why" a few more times to go deeper. You want to go deep to get to the essence of your curiosity. Not just the surface answer that may not even be true.

Your first answer will likely come from logical reason. Don't let the first layer prevent you from finding out the truth. When you practice this, your true nature will be revealed. You will unfold the blanket that is hiding your true happiness.

You'll find your happiness and then you have one task. Do more of that. Do more of what makes you feel happy. That simple.

When you go back home, you'll do things slightly different. Focus more of your time on your happiness. When you travel again, you can immediately do your happy stuff. Since they don't know you, you don't have anything to hide.

You May Feel Different

You may feel that you are changing your true self, when if fact, you are becoming your true self. You were hiding it before, but through this process it was revealed. It may have been hidden for a number of reasons. Like your family telling you what should make you happy. Your friends may have an influence on this too. Either way, you now have the right path to happiness.

Your friends and family may notice you acting different. It's up to you on how and when you want to explain what you're up too. Listen to what they say and analyze their words from their perspective. New perspectives won't hurt anything, they enhance your understanding. At the end of the day, take that understanding and move forward with your life.

They may not exactly get what you're doing. You may not get what your doing for a little while. Doesn't matter, just keep on your journey. Eventually things will become crystal clear. Only in hindsight will you realize this. You must go through the journey first, then reflect.

Your Reaction

All the reactions of others may have you second guess your approach. Trust yourself above all. Only you can live your life. You will learn from others, but don't allow their words to change your actions if you don't want. This process will be long and you will stumble at times. Go through the journey and trust yourself, your happiness depends on it.

Experience Something New

Expose yourself to new ideas and experiences often. With this exposure, you will have a large bank of things to find happiness. Trying new things you'll "re-calibrate" your true self. Slowly and over time, you reinvent yourself to become the happiest and most fulfilled self.

The people and "experiences" don't know you, so you can be whoever your want. Choose to be your true self. The version of yourself which is happy. Each travel, experience and exploration leads you to the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Choose to reinvent.

This article is the first in a series discussing the art of Reinventing Yourself With Travel. If you have any questions, please reach out with a comment below or send me a message.