Personal Travel Videos

These are a collection of videos from our personal travels. Each video tells a short story of what we did and some of the feelings that were captured. I hope these videos inspire you to travel and experience something new.

An Evening All Dressed in White - Diner En Blanc

Panama City, Panama (Panama Viejo) - 6 April 2018

What is the Dinner in White? Dîner en Blanc, is a night of complete white attire, in a secret location. You meet up with your friends at a club or hotel. Everyone is dressed in complete fancy white attire. Once everyone is there, you are taken to the secret location, where tables and everything is set up.

Coffee Tour, Hiking and Waterfalls in the Mountains of Boquete, Panama

Boquete, Panama - 24 March 2018

We spent a long weekend in Boquete, Panamá and had a great time! Staying in a perfect little cabin overlooking the Baru Volcano. We did a coffee tour and then hiked the mountains to go see some of the waterfalls!

A day in paradise

San Blas Islands, Panama - 14 January 2018

A full day of exploring small islands in San Blas, Panama. For more info, check out: Check out our Instagram: @increasefreedom

A Beautiful Day Checking out Graffiti, Breakdancing and Eating Empanadas

Medellin, Colombia - 23 December 2017

Wonderful day in Medellin, Colombia. Explored an old gang neighborhood they turned into a graffiti art haven. We also tried some tasty empanadas and watched some local kids break-dance. To learn how to travel, visit: Check out our Instagram: @increasefreedom To help reach your potential, visit:

Incredible food, sights and vibes visiting the rock of Guatape

Guatape, Colombia - 21 December 2017

We started the day in Medellin, Colombia and visited The Rock of Guatape (La Piedra de El Peńol). A huge rock that you can visit the top and see incredible views! We also visited the small town of Guatape and went on a cruise. Overall wonderful day!

Watching the sunrise at the Panama Canal/Causeway

Panama City, Panama - 8 September 2017

We had great news at 5:00AM and we decided to go watch the sunrise! We got there just after 6:00AM and then pulled out the drone. Here is what we saw. Footage shot by Lane Belone. Music is produced by Lane Belone.

Fishing in Lake Gatun, Panama (Panama Canal)

Barro Colorado Island, Panama - 13 August 2017

We started out at 5:00 AM and finally made it out to the Barro Colorado Island and did some fishing. We were able to catch some fish, see some monkeys and even a crocodile!

Taking in the Fresh Air of the Colorado Rockies

Colorado Springs, CO - 6 April 2017

Went into the mountains just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Enjoyed the beautiful views and fresh air! Colorado Springs has a special place in my heart. This is were I fell in love with my wife. Glad to have lived part of my life here.

Whale watching in the Arctic Circle

Tromso, Norway - 25 Decmeber 2016

It was in the dead of winter in the Arctic Circle. Only about 4 hours of daylight in a given 24 hours period. We departed from Tromso, Norway in a small rib boat. Then made our way to the Norwegian Fjords. Started out as still of a morning as you can. Here is the video of the morning.

Exploring the Norwegian Fjords

Tromso, Norway - 24 December 2016

Took a nice drive from Tromsø, Norway into the Grotfjords area. Breathtaking experience.

Watching the Northern Lights in Norway/Finland (Aurora Borealis)

Tromso, Norway/Finland - 22 December 2016

Starting in Tromsø, Norway, we chased the Northern Lights into Finland. We were able to get some good shots with the Aurora Borealis right above us.