International Insights: Trey Lippe


Name: Trey Lippe

Originally From: Vinita, OK

Currently In: Hollywood, CA

Occupation: Professional Boxer


Increase Freedom (IF) - Tell me about yourself:

Trey Lippe (TL) - My name is Trey Derek Lippe. My fight name is Trey Lippe Morrison. I am from Vinita, OK and now I live in Hollywood, CA because that is where I train.


IF - What’s the coolest place or experience you’ve been that you didn’t get a picture of?

TL - I saw Adam Sandler and didn’t get a picture because he seemed annoyed with people coming up to him.


IF - What was the last gift you gave and to who?

TL - A nerf dart gun for my brothers kid Sebastian on his birthday.


IF - If you could unite the entire country with one mission for the next 5-10 years, what would it be?

TL - To remain peaceful and everyone get on the same page.


IF - What do you think about when it’s most quiet in your day?

TL - Probably of something to do because I’m bored.


IF - What is the quote you try to live your life by?

TL - The power to win must come from within!


IF - Name your top 3 Bucketlist items:

1. Meet God

2. Meet Michael Jordan

3. Meet Brett Favre


IF - What food dish would you travel across the globe for?

TL - Biscuits and Sausage Gravy and Chicken Fried Steak.


IF - What’s the most random act of kindness you did, that you’re most proud of, and no one knows you did it? [until now ;)]

TL - UM, I bought 2 homeless people on the side of the road 2 full meals.


IF - You’re stranded on an island and you don’t know if you’ll get rescued. You find a box with 2 books in it, what two books do you hope to find in the package and why?

1.       A magic book that changes story or what you’re reading every time you open it.

2.       A blank book so I could write my own story or draw.


IF - What is one thing most people get wrong about you until they really know you?

TL - That I’m an asshole because I look like one.


IF - When things get tough, what’s the self talk to get you to your goal?

TL - I talk with God.


IF - Travel accessory you take everywhere you go:

TL - PS4


IF - What was your favorite song when you were 16?

TL - Still Fly


IF - You win two 1st-Class tickets to anywhere in the world, where do you go and with who?

TL - With Hailey Weaver to Rome.


IF - What is the pivotal moment in your life that you’re most grateful for?

TL - Meeting Tony Holden, wouldn’t be where I’m at if it wasn’t for him.


IF - You find a magic lamp, what are your first 2 wishes?

1. Whenever I snap my fingers, what ever I want to happen happens.

2. For an infinite amount of wishes.


IF - Who’s the one person you’ve looked up to that you haven’t met, yet?

TL - Brett Favre


IF - Describe the conversation you had when you decided you wanted to pursue boxing (with your friends and your parents)

TL - Well I never had a conversation about it. Football ended for me and I wasn’t ready to give up sports. So, when I was introduced to Tony Holden, he helped me get started in boxing. And that’s what I did.


IF - What’s your thought process when tackling almost impossible tasks?

TL - Just keep going till you can’t anymore, while doing your best.


IF - When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried and what was it about?

TL - Probably the last time I got together with my friends!


IF - At age 75, what do you want to look back on that you’re most proud of?

TL - That I become somebody that people will remember.


IF - If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

TL - Eagle, master of the sky.


IF - What’s your favorite travel app?

TL - Maps on the iPhone, gets me everywhere!


IF - What is the best life advice you would like to share with people?

TL - Do your absolute best in everything you do.


IF - What world problem would you like solved right now?

TL - Somehow to never have war.


IF - What’s the next big project you would like to work on?

TL - Getting a Heavyweight Title.