International Insights: Gabe Bautista


Today we have Gabe Bautista sharing some thoughtful insight on the power of knowing what you want. Gabe has been working on synthesizing how he spends his time for work and making sure it fits in with his life values.

Pay attention to his answer on him describing his perfect day.

There's a great deal we can learn from Gabe. He has overcome many obstacles in life, including times when he wasn't sure he would make it out alive. 

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Name: Gabe Bautista
Originally From: Bogota, Colombia
Currently In: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Consultant


Increase Freedom (IF) - Tell me about yourself:
Gabe Bautista- Adventurer. My values are freedom, movement, growth, family and constant learning. I am a soccer lover and an avid reader. Freedom is a huge focus for me because it fuels my creativity, which is, in the end, what people pay me for.

IF - What’s the most fun you’ve ever had?
Gabe - This is a tough one, every time I can be on the road and learning, meeting people, stepping out of my comfort zone and learning I am happy. As a matter of fact I am typing this very answer as I am sitting here on a plane flying over the Atlantic.

IF - What’s the last movie you saw?
Gabe - I don't have much time to watch television or movies, but the last movie I sat down to watch was “The Revenant” it was on a plane too. (lol)

IF - What’s the one activity or hobby you would do all the time if money didn’t exist?
Gabe - I am thankful to say most of the activities that I like to do I am already doing, I guess I would say maybe fly in to see all the Real Madrid games that I would feel like seeing. I am flying in to watch a Champions League Match this year though.

IF - What do you think about when you’re in the shower?
Gabe - Shower time is one of my favorite times to think. I mostly relax and let my mind wonder, dream. Also, I focus on being present and deciding what the priorities in my day are.

IF - What’s your biggest life goal?
Gabe - Frankly I am living it right now, I have been for the last 3 years working on unifying my values with my daily activities and I am thankful that every day I am closer, yet it is the journey that excites me and keeps me engaged. I don't have much family so I hope to perhaps start one some day and to take care of the family that I do have financially and give them back the love and support that they have given me.

IF - Name your top 3 Bucket-list items:
1. Write a Book (I will end up writing more than one)
2. Watch a World Cup Final
3. [Secret]

IF - You win two plane tickets to go anywhere in the world, where do you go and who do you take?
Gabe - There is a very special valley in Switzerland that I would go visit and I can’t tell you who I will take, that's a secret ;)

IF - What’s something almost no one knows about you?
Gabe - In the business atmosphere that I now inhabit, almost no one knows that I have written 3 pieces for Symphony Orchestra. I still write music from time to time.

IF - You’re stranded on an island and you don’t know if you’ll get rescued. You find a box with 2 books in it, what two books do you hope to find in the package and why?
Gabe - Hahaha, I guess I hope I find a book about building Ships and growing food. I am a solutions person, I have been through very hard times in my life and there was a point that I thought I would not make it alive. Now that so much has changed I feel I can find a solution to any
problem, problems are opportunities. I live, here, now.

IF - Describe your perfect day, from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep:
Gabe - I am humbled as I answer these questions since they help to see and reflect on how much I have accomplished. I have lived a lot of these perfect days and each day that passes I get closer and closer to living more of these days.

To answer the question, my perfect day includes waking up with my body relaxed and my mind clear, I usually start the day off with reading. I like to read history in the morning as it gives me perspective and peace. Then, I start with pencil and paper, no phones, no laptops.

I contemplate my values and my mission, to remind me of how my goals for that day fit in the overall picture, then I write down some stuff I want to get done that day and sometimes the day after. Then, I do some quick exercises and get started.

I love the days where I am traveling, I do all of the above and I get ready to be on the road. This helps my mind to clear and think and focus on what is most important. I start to think about the people I care about the most, what I want to share with them. I like talking to my clients and helping them out, so the best days are full of learning possibilities.

A great meal is always awesome in a place with a great view, great company is always welcomed but not necessary. I am truly whole and happy the way I am, but I love sharing that happiness with others and may be with a special someone.

Then, I structure activities that are fun and that have variety, nothing is worse to me than a repetitive routine, I need to change things up. I love a good conversation if possible. You meet very interesting people while on the road and some have amazing stories.

I like hiking and connecting with nature (while disconnecting from everything else). A great view is inspiring. I don't drink too much coffee or alcohol because I love doing both things, so they are reserved for special occasions.

I want to stare at the night sky filled with stars, how small we all are! I learned, I made progress, I moved, I loved. It was a good day.

IF - What’s your favorite travel memory?
Gabe - This is going to sound tragic (lol), but when I came out of my depression and after failed attempts at suicide, I decided I was done beating myself up and hating everything and everyone. I was tired of being a victim.

One of the first things I did was ask a friend to let me borrow some money so I could travel and take some courses I wanted to take. In my travels I went to L.A. where I met one of my first mentors, it was two couples talking at a hotel lobby.

Little did I know that my decision to go up to them and introduce myself would be such a defining moment of my life.

IF - What food dish would you travel for?
Gabe - A true Neapolitan Pizza.

IF - What was your favorite song when you were 16?
Gabe - Beethoven’s Sonata for Piano, Violin and Cello in A major.

IF - What was going on in your head when you chose your occupation?
Gabe - Figuring out how to do what I liked doing the most and getting paid for it. Getting paid for my ideas and my learning abilities.

IF - You find a magic lamp, what are your first 2 wishes?
1. To be able to read as fast as I would want to while still retaining information and enjoying it.
2. To have the wisdom to treat people and deal with them where they are in their life, perfectly connect with them

IF - When traveling, what do you miss the most from home?
Gabe - I love traveling but I do need a home base, after a couple of weeks I am ready to go back and ground myself again or to go to a different location.

IF - If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
Gabe - I would be the Peregrine Falcon, the fastest animal in the world. He deep dives reaching terminal velocity (that's like 128 mph) Be able to see the sights he sees from the sky, yet to have control. Now that's freedom.

IF - What is your favorite travel app?
Gabe - Uber. (lol)

IF - What is the best life advice you would like to share with people?
Gabe - Know thyself.

IF - What is the best travel advice you would like to share with people?
Gabe - Travel with someone, you get to know them well.