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Real Estate Investor, Author, and Sales Expert, Grant Cardone, shares his deepest motivations and the keys to overcoming obstacles in life.

Grant's story of how he became who he is today is powerful. His story shows that with the right mindset, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. His drive to help others in any way he can shows how big his heart is.

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Name: Grant Cardone

Originally From: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Currently In: Miami, Florida



Increase Freedom (IF) - You’re are an incredibly authentic person. You can tell from how you interact with people and how much you care. What happened when you were younger that you turned out so authentic?

Grant Cardone - My dad was obsessed with success because he believed that taking care of his family was his first duty. From a very early age I got that my dad’s number one mission in life was to provide for his family: putting a roof over our heads and making sure we had food, clothes, and an education. Only a year and a half after my dad bought his dream house, he died of a heart condition at the young age of fifty-two.

In our new house there was grief—we all missed my father. On top of that, though, my mom was scared, and I could feel it. There was constant fear around her. While other boys my age were out with their dads playing sports, hunting, and fishing, I was at home watching my mother clip coupons, always worried about the cost of basic necessities and so on. My mom could make pennies bleed. Her scarcity mind-set was part of everything we did.

At the age of sixteen I vowed to my mother, “When I grow up, I’m going to get rich so I never have to worry about not having enough money. And when I do, I am going to help a lot of people. This middle-class thing sucks. I am going to get mine!”


IF - If you could unite the entire country with one mission for the next 5-10 years, what would it be?

Grant - You are being given permission, probably for the first time in your life, to go all in and be a freak. To sustain healthy, voluntary obsessions, to have it all and do great things, requires more than a book.

It requires tremendous commitment, clarity, confidence, sacrifice, and persistence and a willingness to be in the minority, even unpopular.


IF - What do you think about when it’s most quiet in your day?

Grant - How I can reach 7 billion people on this planet.


IF - For people striving to live their version of the perfect life, what are the two most important things should they focus on to make their dreams become a reality?

Grant - Commit. Take action to that commitment. Stop talking about it, planning it, being scared or making excuses.


IF - If you could implant one simple idea into the brain of anyone that meets you, what is it?

Grant - Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility.


IF - You talk to tons of people from all different kinds of backgrounds. What pattern do you see when it comes to addressing fear and overcoming obstacles?

Grant - Some people think that it's not normal or that you're some how weak if you have insecurities. I want you to know that EVERYONE has insecurities. You and everyone you encounter will be scared of something.

The biggest difference between someone who is successful and someone who is isn't, is that successful people have learned to work past their insecurities. They saw the challenge and the potential for failure and they still went for it.


IF - At age 100, what do you want to look back on that you’re most proud of?

Grant - How many people said, “Because of Grant, I didn’t give up.”


IF - What is the best travel advice you would like to share with people?

Grant - Don’t travel until you can buy the location you’re visiting.


IF - What world problem would you like solved right now?

Grant - The poverty mindset. As long as people are thinking little and with limitation the world will always have poverty.