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Imagine thousands of communities around the world coming together to solve problems for the greater good of humanity.

In recent years, Detroit was hit hard from the recession and filed for bankruptcy. Many people had lost their jobs and the number of homeless people grew. The community identified this as a problem and got together to find a solution.

A local organization decided to build tiny homes and create a "rent then own" strategy for the tenant. They would pay an affordable price, while attaining home ownership in a relatively short amount of time.

This is one example of a community getting together and solving a meaningful problem. Other communities around the globe are solving hunger, homelessness, drug addictions, lack of education, crime, litter, poverty.

Each community focusing on the issues they encounter in their daily life. Each community is different and needs to solve a different problem. As a collective, these world problems can be solved at the lowest level.

1 January 2019, let’s all start the New Year on the right foot.

Between now and the New Year, let's spread the word that communities are the most powerful force to solve meaningful problems on the planet.

People in the community taking responsibility in their own neighborhoods.


Why These Problems Still Exist

The world is getting bigger and powers are becoming very centralized. Large organizations have a lot of money and can do great things, but they are still failing at actually solving some of the biggest problems.

Look around at your community, how much hunger, homelessness and other problems still exist? It is because we as a community have delegated our responsibility to large philanthropic organizations, and not solving it ourselves.

We need to take responsibility.


Why This Way Will Work

We as a community know exactly what our issues are, we live it every day. We see the hunger all around. We see the homeless people wandering. We witness the garbage on the side of the roads.

We can customize the solution to fit exactly what we need. We don't need a middle man with a cookie-cutter solution to our problems. Our community is different and has a special needs. We have needs other communities don't have.

Let's focus on genuinely supporting our neighbor and taking care of them. The beauty of making effective change, is we only need 25% of the community to create a tipping point to create a lasting solution.

Solving problems at the community isn't a new idea, but when all communities are focused on this simultaneously, we can make change happen FAST. That is what this movement is all about.


Here's how we do it:

Step 1 – Identify a big problem in your community

  • Observe your community
  • Talk with your neighbors
  • Address obstacles that could hinder progress (cultural, racial and religious issues)
  • Consult existing programs doing good in the community

Step 2 – As a community, formulate a plan to a solution

  • Hold town meetings
  • Seek solutions from other communities
  • Decide on a course of action

Step 3 – Take action on the plan starting 1 January 2019


All it takes is a collective of individuals to make a meaningful impact in the world. Each one of us has the power to make a difference. We just need to decide that we are going to make a difference. We don't need huge non-profits to solve problems. We can take care of each other and feel the gratitude knowing we helped our fellow neighbor.

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Disclaimer: This will take work. This is about you taking massive action in your community. You will need to get out of your comfort-zone. It will mean you finding compromise. Sure, you could donate $20 to a non-profit, but that would be the easy way. Let's do something that makes a huge impact on your community.

Disclaimer 2: No disrespect to non-profits or large organizations. They doing good in the world and wish them the best.