The Traveler


The Traveler lives in a constant state of contradiction, wanting to explore, yet desiring to experience the familiar. The Traveler plans for everything under the sun then throws the plan out the window once he gets there. Why does The Traveler seem so conflicted?

Is it the need for consistent change?

Is it the need to stay in motion?

Us humans often want what we can't have. When we travel to a new place, we sometimes yearn for the familiar, home-cooked meals of our mothers Then when we are home, we are overcome with the urge to pick up and leave to the other side of the world. 

The Traveler knows how to balance between being proud of their own heritage, and being respectful of the place they are traveling to. Sometimes it can be hard to find this balance. In our article Don't Be the Ugly American While Traveling, we talk about finding that balance.

Why must we find a balance between what we want and what we already have?

While in Finland, I went to Repovesi National Park during the winter season. I brought my skis and camera and planned to explore the area. I was all by myself and it was refreshingly chilly that day. Luckily though, skiing is a good way to keep yourself warm.


While skiing, I had time to think and ask myself a few questions.

What did I want?

Why did I want it?

Did I already have enough?

I began to ask myself why I liked traveling so much and why it was important for me to continue my travels. These questions wouldn't be answered that day, but it would spark an idea that would continue to grow.

What do I want and what would I do to get it?

The Traveler goes out into the world and asks himself these questions. He may find answers while there, or he may find them upon returning home. In my article, 12 Months, 12 Countries and What I Learned, I found that travel gave me answers and ideas I wasn't intentionally looking for. It just happened.

The Traveler is full of messy contradictions, but The Traveler can also find balance in the chaos.

- Lane

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