The Interesting Truth About Friends

 Huge thanks to Marcus Edwards for the awesome picture above. You can check out more of his great photography at his website: or click on the picture to take you there.

Huge thanks to Marcus Edwards for the awesome picture above. You can check out more of his great photography at his website: or click on the picture to take you there.

My one year anniversary is coming up soon and I'm reminded of how I chose my Best Men at my wedding. All of them, including the one that couldn't make it (due to his wife giving birth just before), are all different in a lot of ways.

It got me thinking about WHY I chose these particular fellows. Each of them have awesome qualities I wanted to be like. They were guys that could teach me something that I didn't know.

My Friends

A few of them are hometown friends I've know almost my whole life. The rest I met along the way. At the time, it seemed they were just the "right fit" for me. No matter what was going on in my life, they were there to fill any gap that I may have had at the time. Naturally, all these friends made me a better person.

One friend that I've know pretty much my whole life has had a huge impact on me by showing me what right was and being a stellar example of how to live a moral life. Another friend helped teach me what loyalty was and how family is the most important thing you can have. Another friend was just an awesome guy that saw something in me and gave me a chance when I was a shy guy trying to figure stuff out.

I've learned countless lessons by surrounding myself around this small group of influential men. The funny thing is I did this without even knowing I was doing it. It was just a natural selection kind of thing that happened.

Over the years, we all meet hundreds of people, each with a varying impact on your life. We naturally gravitate to those that we either "click" with or help us grow. We get attuned to almost automatically filter out the people that aren't aligned with our values or way of thinking.

The Interesting Truth

It's the truth that we all know and sometimes forget. Our friends shape us into the people we are. The old saying "You are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself most" is absolutely true. Before we can choose our friends wisely, we have to know what we want out of life first. Otherwise we are just jumping around from place to place not really knowing what we are suppose to be doing.

Gain that focus on what you want in life and the right people will fall into place. We don't realize how important the people we choose to hang out with has a lasting impact on who we become. I guess hindsight is 20/20. Knowing this truth can help propel us to the future we want.

Being A Friend

One of the biggest lessons I've learned from one of my friends is to BE a good friend. This particular gentleman taught me to go out of your way to help a friend out. Take a look at your friends and find out: "How can I help them grow?" or "How can I help improve their situation?". Once you figure out how you can help, take action. Often times it's just the simple act of showing them you care that can have the biggest impact. It's giving back what you know to those you care about.

Call To Action

I challenge you to assess the company you keep right now. If they're aligned with what you want to do in life, continue to enrich that relationship. If not, seek people that will help you become who you want to be. Be that healthier, wealthier, smarter or any other attribute you can think of.

Not only find those good friends, but be a good friend to others.

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