Provide Value to Get What You Want: 180 Degrees of Opportunity


A lot of people are unsure of what they want to do in life. As a result, people give their advice on how people should find out what they want. Some of that advice is to follow your passion or what you love. Others say to get a degree and a steady job. Another approach is to provide value to get what you want in life.


Have you ever heard of the movie, "The Titanic"? Most people have. James Cameron has a real talent for making movies, but his first passion was underwater exploration. At a young age, he got his scuba license and always kept that passion in the back of his mind. He decided to pursuit film making as his career.

In the mid '90s, he pitched a movie about a ship that sank, called Titanic. He convinced the studio to fund an expedition to see the real wreckage of the ship. He used his value of film making to get what he really wanted, to dive into the ocean and explore the ship.

It was one of his lifetime goals to explore the real titanic. He was given the opportunity to explore it in real life not because it was his passion, but because he provided value to others.

180 Degrees of Opportunity

Very few of us truly know what we want in life. For the very few that do, you are lucky. For the rest of us, we have to go through all kinds of emotions, stresses, decisions and choices to try to figure it out. Some people go years aimlessly looking with no real progress. Some do a lot of research and end up being overloaded with all the potential and opportunity they could be and never make a decision.

There's something to be said about just making a decision and going for it. Stop procrastinating and going all in on something. Often times when I'm unsure of what to do next, I do ample amount of research and then just roll with it. It's better to choose now and take action, then to keep thinking that the opportunity will present itself. You may make mistakes and even fail, but you will learn something about yourself.

A lot of people think getting what you want is a straight shot. Getting from point A to point B. More often times than not, it's more of a curvy, squiggly line to get there. With 180 degrees of options, you have a wide range of side roads and pit stops to get to where you want to go in life. Even if you're off track a little bit, you are still moving in the right direction. Towards your end state.

Provide Value

After you have chosen your desired end state, or what you eventually want in life, you need a connector to get there. That's where providing value to others comes into play. Creating value takes time. It does happen overnight. It's mastering a skill or a set of skills.

Choose a skill or area to master that in some way relates to your actual passion. This is something more attainable than your end state. You don't need to know how the skill you are mastering and your passion are going to connect, just need to know it's possible. The possibilities for this are endless. You can turn nearly any skill into something valuable to others.

As long as you set yourself apart from others in this skill, you can then create leverage into getting what you want. When you're a person with value, you can say yes to things. You also have the power to say no. Just because you pick your passion and your skill right now, doesn't mean they can't change. That's were the 180 degrees comes into play.

Picking Your Passion

A lot of people have that thing in life to where they wish they could be doing that all the time. Whether that's a hobby, a fulfilling career, or just spending time with family. Passion can only be cultivated over a period of time. You can be excited about something but then you may lose interest quickly after.

Let the passion you go after be something you really want in life. If your passion changes, thats perfectly fine. How many times have you changed passions since you were a little kid? Life's book is an every changing draft. New chapters being added and taken away for the better.

Last Word

Pick something that you want to go after in life. Make it lofty and grand. Choose a skill to make yourself valuable. Let the value you give to others provide opportunity to get you to your "thing" you want in life. Repeat.

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