How to Maximize Your Day Without Changing Anything You Do


The title may sound like an oxymoron. Hear me out. There are certain things we do everyday, almost without question. Getting ready for the day, driving to work, being at work, cooking dinner. In these routines, there is "filler time" where we may listen to music or reading a gossip article among other things. Changing our "filler time" into something productive can turn our regular day into a maximized day. So you're still doing everything that you would normally be doing, just better.

Instead of wasting time with stuff that won't help you in the long run, you can give yourself a fair advantage and increase your knowledge almost effortlessly. The idea here is to fill those times during your day with something productive without changing what you do. It's almost a lazy mans productivity technique. An article about being intentionally productive is another article altogether.

In my humble attempt to be as productive as possible, I'm constantly experimenting with different ways to maximize my time. Since our time is the most valuable asset we have, let's not waste any and dive in.

Here are some habits that you can use to maximize your time throughout the day:

  1. Plan your day in the morning shower. Most people take 5-10 minute showers. During that time, quickly plan out what you want to accomplish that day. Also, choose a single goal to complete that would end the day on a good note. For example, completing a project or organizing a room. Given that the shower is only so long, you can't contemplate on too many details but having some kind of plans is required for success. This isn't the only way to plan for your day, but it's an option. The Benefits:

    • Focus for your day

    • Quick, actionable steps to accomplish

    • A clear and focused vision of a successful day

    • Less worries = happiness and optimism

  2. Air squats while you brush your teeth. We all should brush our teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day. While we do that, we can increase our fitness. As you brush your teeth, position yourself in the bathroom and do some air squats. Brush and squat for two minutes. Go Here, to see a video of what good form looks like. The benefits:
    • Increases testosterone
    • Improves blood flow, circulation and flexibility
    • Slowly builds strength
    • Improves physique
  3. Listen to Podcasts during the commute to work. Pick 4-5 Podcasts that interest you. You can find a wide range of subjects from personal growth to how to start a business. Choose shows that preferably inspire, cultivate ideas, or assists in your personal goals. Driving is generally a menial task. Podcasts are great in the car because it doesn't inhibit driving abilities. They're an absolute asset if you have a long commute. An average episode ranges from 15-60 minutes, making it easy to finish a whole episode in one or two trips. Exposing yourself to specific content keeps the mind focused and honed in on your end state. Remember, active listening goes a long way with this task. Listen and implement the concepts quickly. Understand the speaker's position and ponder on their ideas. Podcasts can be used during longer commutes such as flights and train rides as well. The benefits:
    • Increases knowledge
    • Daily inspiration
    • Confidence in a subject
    • Action steps to take to increase your freedom
  4. Play brain games during lunch break. Apps like Lumosity and Fit Brains have great games for brain training. Each game takes roughly 1-2 minutes to complete. So, 3-5 games takes only 5-10 minutes to complete. There are paid subscriptions for full access, but the free versions are also competent. The Benefits:
    • Increases cognitive performance
    • Improves visualization
    • Helps problem solving and memory
    • Decreases chances of mental illnesses
  5. Read subscribed email while occupied on the porcelain throne. Similar as the podcast, choose a handful of websites that have a daily or weekly newsletter. The emails you receive should be in congruence with your personal freedom that you defined. You also have the freedom to skim through the content that applies to you. It doesn't take much time to read a few emails. Choosing to start this habit on the "John" will insure a "regular" habit for the future. The benefits:
    • Increases knowledge
    • Daily inspiration
    • Confidence in a subject
    • Action steps to take to increase your freedom
  6. Listen to an audio book while you cook dinner. While you're cooking dinner listen to a personal growth book. You can also use the same method when cleaning around the house or other miscellaneous chores. The Benefits:
    • Increase knowledge
    • Confidence in a subject
    • Daily inspiration
    • Action steps to increase your freedom

These habits support our philosophy of lifelong learning. It also supports the idea of surrounding yourself with things that will help you increase your freedom. It's often times the smaller things we do over and over that defines us.

Don't get me wrong, listening to music, reading random funny articles or just relaxing is important for mental health. You actually need those times. Adding value instead of possibly zoning out will be the little things that bring you closer to freedom. You never know how big of an impact your small actions will have.

Check out our Resources page to get an idea of books, podcasts and websites we use to personally implement these practices in our lives.

Last Word

Take small steps to gain the freedom you want. All these habits are geared towards a bigger picture. Understand the concept of patience and delayed gratification. If you make these part of your daily habits, think of where you could be in a year or two.

Don't just stop at these six habits. Evaluate your day and see where you can add productivity in those filler moments. What are some of your habits that help you maximize your time? Share below in the comments.

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