Define Your Freedom


Lets take a journey into the perfect world. A journey where you don't have to worry about money. How would your perfect day go? That may be a tough question to answer; or it may not. Of course, most of us would love to have whatever we desire, but let's delve a little deeper into truly living fulfilled. 

What do we really want in life?

When you're ready to have that conversation with yourself, do this exercise as a guide to defining your freedom. 

What you need:

  • A pen
  • Paper
  • A little bit of time

Start with the End

Defining your end-state needs to be the first step in defining your freedom. By defining your end-state, you have a solid starting point in creating the plan to get there. Having an end-state offers a great advantage in using your time optimally. 

The following questions helped me figure out my own freedom.
What time do I want to get up in the morning?
How will I spent my afternoon?
Where in the world would I be?

What do you enjoy to do?

Is there a sport you love, but never have the time to play? Do you need to create or update your bucket list? Include them as part of your end-state.

What do you care about?

When thinking about how you can spend your time, think about how you can give back to others. What are the things you care about? Find a way to tie in what you enjoy to do and what you care about.

How do you want to be remembered?

Write down 10 attributes you want to be remembered by. Any time you make a decision in life, ask yourself: Are my decisions in congruence with the attributes I listed?

Action Steps: 

Write down three things to help define our freedom. In this ideal world you have no job, and no worries about finances. 

  1. Write down your perfect day in very fine detail. Starting with when you wake up, what you do before breakfast, all the way until you go to bed. Who would you spend your time with? What activities would you do throughout the day? The more detail the better.
  2. Write down an ideal day of how you can help others. This day is all about giving back. 
  3. Create a "bucket list" of things you want to accomplish.

Remember, you don't have to worry about how you are going to get there, yet. Don't think about being realistic. Think about what you really want in life. After you have all three lists written down, look at how to integrate all of them together. Doing the the things that nurture your soul fuels your happiness. Giving to others helps us experience more fulfillment. The bucket list gives us goals to strive towards.

Chances are, your list will look different a year or five years from now. That's fine, it's actually a good thing. As we continue to grow, our outlook on life and our goals will change as well. Bigger goals and brighter end-states will surface.  Ensure that these freedoms are positive, very detailed and definitive.

Now that we've created the lists, we can begin making a plan to get us to where we want to go.

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