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How active are you? Do you know how important staying active is to your overall health? (We're not going to go over it in this article but you can read this for more info).

Chances are you know this, but do you always do the right thing when it comes to your health?

Keeping your body moving throughout the day is vital and implementing a daily workout routine is even better. 

Nowadays, there are electronics that track nearly every aspect of your personal life. Wouldn't it be great to use technology for your health and well being?

FitBit uses the a type of technology called an accelerometer most popularly known to be found in smartphones. 

It tracks how many steps you've taken throughout the day through arm swings. It isn't an exact science but you can get a good estimate on how much you walked/ran during the day. 

There are a variety of fitbits to purchase but we've found the FitBit Flex to be the best for our needs. It tracks much more than steps such as: 
-Total hours of sleep
-Restless sleep minutes during the night
-Active Minutes

Another Reason Why FitBit is worth it

The FitBit app is a great and easy tool to keep accountability. You have the ability to journal your food and water intake as well. 

But why do we LOVE FitBit?

FitBit is social. You become a part of a collective community of people who also strive to be more active. You can join groups for your specific goals and start making friends. You can see your friends weekly steps and can "cheer" or "taunt" them into achieving their goals. Ali and I have a great time thinking of ways to get more "active minutes". 

Do you already have a FitBit tracker? Great! You can join our group and help each other stay motivated!

Don't have one yet? Check out Here and get one so you can start tracking your daily progress. 

We're not saying that FitBit is the best fitness tracker, but it's one that we use to help us keep motivated.

Here is a review of different fitness trackers to see which one is right for you.

Join our Group and Stay motivated!