How I became a "Jack-of-Most-Trades, Master of a Few"


I have a philosophy of how our ancestors were more well-rounded than we are today, but that's for an entirely different blog post. 

What I want to talk about today is taking more control of your life.  We only have a little slice of time to make or not make an impact.

"Jack-of-Most-Trades, Master of a Few."

What I mean by this phrase is I strive to be a life-long learner of almost everything. I use my knowledge to better lives around me, while mastering a few key skills that will have a compounding effect on the rest of my life.

There are some trades that I encourage you to be masters of.  Three of which I will briefly touch on and then my own method for mastering them. 

Personal Health

Do you know how much sleep you should get at night? I'm not talking about how much sleep you'd like to get either. I'm being real here. Do you know your optimum hours and minutes your body needs to be refreshed every morning? Mine's 7 hours and 43 minutes.

You need to know what your body needs to stay in optimum shape. That means that you should be experimenting with what foods make you feel that best, how much water you need to drink in a given day, how much sleep you need, what are the best workouts for your specific goals, etc.

How do you do that? Research! We'll get to that later. 


What does your financial situation look like? Are you in major debt? Or do you have little to no debt but living paycheck to paycheck? Do you have a nest egg for emergencies but don't know what to do next?

These are things you need to know to get to the next level of wealth. Creating a financial plan, budgeting, and investing may be boring but it's so worth it. No one will care more about your money then you. 

How do you start getting your finances on track? Research!


This ones kind of vague, huh? But I would say this one is the most important one of all to master, because it overlaps everything else you do in life.

Having the right mindset takes time, a great deal of time actually.

Take an Olympic athlete. If he or she didn't believe that they could compete at the highest levels and win, then they wouldn't. Simple as that. It's the old saying "If you think you can or if you think you can't, either way you're right."

Having positive thoughts, surrounding yourself with people that uplift you, only letting good things into your life are all important in creating your ideal mindset.

My Method

Have you ever played a video game? Have you labored hours to beat and master it? I bet you pushed the character in the game to the absolute limits to see how far they could jump, how fast they could move or any number of other things.

I treat my life kind of like a video game, always pushing the edge of how far I can go. Of course I am always careful and know my personal limits. I know I only get one life, not unlimited ones like in Mario.

Firstly, when I want to master something, I start by what I call External Research. What I mean by that is finding out how others have already mastered this particular skill.

Looking at books, YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, internet articles are just a few ways I do this. I try to consume as much as possible and get as many different angles as I can.

In this phase, take everything with a grain of salt and if something doesn't make sense, disregard it. There are a bunch of stuff in the world that isn't true. Be aware. 

Finding quality information is sometimes difficult. We'll talk about how to find quality sources in another post.

Once I have a base knowledge, I move to more in-depth concepts on the subject . This is where I sometimes buy a program, but only if can give me value. I also reach out to the creators by either calling, emailing or even sometimes visiting them in person.

By doing all this research, I'm avoiding mistakes that have been made by others. Also, talking with people in person gives me insights and best practices. It saves time, to find out the obstacles they've faced. 

Then I move onto what I call Internal Research. Taking action myself. I start to practice all the things that I've learned. Knowing full well repetition is the key to success, I continue to do research as I'm taking action.

Take the best actions from your research and see for yourself. If they don't particularly work for you, then move on and try another way. Not every method will work for you. 

Have reasonable expectations on what you can learn and accomplish in any given time. Know that this will always take more time that you want, but just stick with it.

Never Give Up.

Always give it another go. If you don't give up, you'll never lose.

Last Word

Do External Research. Do Internal Research. Experiment. Learn. Share.

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't master anything else, quite the opposite. But, I think you should start with these three areas of life because they have the biggest effects on your freedom. 

Go out and enjoy all your other hobbies as well, master those too! Just start with these first, if you haven't already.

Please, share any insights that you may have that would be helpful with others in the comments below.

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