About Lane Belone

Lane & Ali in Hamilton Island, Australia - Just miles from the Great Barrier Reef

Hey there,

I'm Lane Belone. I love to explore the outdoors, meet new people and experience new things in life. I've had the great fortune to travel to over 36 countries on 6 continents, so far. I've had a lot of people help me along the way. I'd like to do my part in giving back.

I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma. Our family didn't have much growing up, but my mom was resourceful. She made sure my sister and I got what we needed. A good buddy of mine and I joined the army (on a whim...) and I traveled around the world on the army's dime.

While in the military, I had some incredible experiences that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I hold close all the lessons I've learned along the way. Earning my Green Beret and doing missions all over the world allowed me to learn the highest standards of excellence. A part of my heart will always follow the Green Beret mission of De Oppresso Liber (to free the oppressed). 

Along the same time, I began to love travel. Travel helped me step outside of myself. I grew to become a curious explorer. Over time, I would develop a meaningful strategy for travel.

What started out as just exploring new places, I began to learn more about myself. Travel was much more than seeing new things, it helped me grow as a person. I gained a sense of wonder about small things all around me. I became grateful for all the things that I had in my life.

I'm an odd mix of rugged, high standards of the Green Berets, while balancing myself with the empathy of world-wide travel. Always aiming for a balanced and wholesome life.

This website is about helping others to reach their potential and do the things in life they really want. I want to help others experience new things. I want to give them the push they need to get out of their comfort zone. I know they will be better for it, by taking that leap of faith.

I believe everyone has the potential to be the best version of themselves. I believe freedom is attainable by all, they just need the right variable to get there. I can help with that.

I appreciate you taking the time to be here. You can connect with me on FacebookInstagram or right here on this website.

All the best,


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