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Lane is a US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Veteran who has traveled to over 40 countries on 6 continents who now helps people achieve high performance and gain fulfillment in life through travel. He uses his experience to coach clients to clear mental blocks and gain life-changing clarity in weeks, sometimes days. He creates breakthrough experiences abroad to create life-altering transformations for his clients.

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I was immediately impressed with his calm and purposeful demeanor, once I got to know him I decided to book his services while at a retreat in Peru, where Lane joined me.

The high-performance learning taught through challenges while on the trip were immediately internalized due to the one of a kind situation and location we were in. The methods were based on intuition and intention, not classroom learning, very refreshing and dynamic.

The result of the trip to Peru with Lane is that my focus, belief, and certainty are on point and at its highest level in years, I know anything is possible now.

Steven Kuhn

Having worked in an institution where high performance is a must for several years, and later on, maintaining that high performance once out in a completely different environment gives Lane the authority to help others apply methods that work on people’s everyday lives. He is ever willing to provide value to whoever approaches him. Working with Lane has been a breeze because he genuinely listens to what you have to say, and offers solutions catered to your problems instead of pre-made, one-size-fits-all ones. Lane has helped me follow through with plans and short-term goals I set for myself instead of becoming paralyzed by strategizing too much and overthinking things through.

Clive Burton

I met Lane at a time when I felt overwhelmed by daily work and didn't have the extra energy I needed for my personal growth and planning mid and long-term goals. Working with him gave me the strength to organize myself better and the clarity of mind to know what I wanted to do.
He has a lot of helpful resources and the ability to know what would work best for you. He is also open to suggestions and respectful of your needs.

Anna G.

For as long as I have known Lane, travel was more than a 'thing' he liked to do. For him, travel is just as much a part of his life as eating or sleeping. Lane has applied that perspective to Increase Freedom's core. I would recommend Increase Freedom to anyone who wants their life to be about the journey as much as reaching the destination.

Kris S.

I get the impression Lane is humble, despite the fact he's not your average bear. No Special Forces talent is average. The fact he's likely lived adventures most of us will never experience, I find what he shares and encourages in traveling, the benefits to your mindset, and his genuine passions for the life-changing aspects of truly appreciating what you can get from travels, inspiring.

Emily B.

When I first had a conversation with Lane, I realized that he was committed to helping people get out and leave their comfort zones through travel. His approach is quite unique, allowing a great culture to be built for learning and teaching. I stand behind Lane 100% and recommend Increase Freedom to anyone because at it's core, it is about connecting people and exploring this planet.

Steven M.

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